Two Girls, Two Destinies:
To Become a Madame or Independent?
Edinburgh Festival Fringe Premieres!

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The Story of Two Young Women's Growth

Set against the bustling streets and quiet cafés of London, the audience witnesses Lairs's heartbreak amid her tumultuous romantic encounters. Her friend May, an independent woman, tries to guide Lairs towards self-reliance, aiming to prevent her from being repeatedly hurt.

The storyline revolves around the choice between becoming a madame or an independent woman, leading to intense dramatic conflict between May and Lairs due to their differing worldviews. As the plot unfolds, it delves into their family backgrounds and upbringing, revealing how these factors have differently shaped their lives.

The show delves deep into the complexities of female development, shedding light on the hidden shadows within it. It explores the profound influence of familial ties, particularly the nuanced dynamics of mother-daughter relationships. Set against the backdrop of big-city life, the narrative mirrors the real-world experiences of many women today. The performance vividly reveals the challenges women face as they grow, striking a powerful chord with the audience.

Drawing from her extensive background in counseling and education, playwright Qi Wang crafts a narrative deeply rooted in her real-life experiences. Her years of dedicated work in these fields inspire the storyline, which is enriched by her profound expertise in dramatic theory. The storyline portrays the varied challenges faced by women from different backgrounds and reveals the multifaceted aspects of the characters' inner lives from multiple perspectives.

The creative team behind this production is predominantly composed of women, with members hailing from various countries, including the China, German, UK, and the USA. For many of them, this is their first time creating a theatrical work in the UK, bringing their extensive experience and sincere enthusiasm to their debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.



"Expectations of society and the contemporary aspirations of the characters, adds cultural significance to the storyline."

"The passion of the entire creative team for the theatre and great narratives is palpable. This was their first production in London and this team, comprising primarily foreign and non-UK born citizens, is one to watch on the UK theatre scene."

Melanie Lam

London Pub Theatres Magazine


"The play delves deeply into the profound impact of family relationships, particularly the nuanced dynamics of mother-daughter interactions, meticulously exploring the hidden corners present in every woman's journey of growth.".

Xia, Yi Ning

Thepaper Press


"The success of 'The Dream of Being a Madame' is reflected not just in its box office performance, but also in the enthusiastic audience response and the anticipation for its second run, which further acknowledges its profound themes. This play has not only entertained audiences but also sparked deep reflection on women's growth, self-actualization, and social influence."


Huawen Press